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Write Out Your Website

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

DIY Your Website Starting with This Outline Q+A

Creating a website can feel really daunting. (As it should! It's an entire career field.) However, getting up a user-friendly website is a lot more accessible and easier than you might think. To help tackle this project, I've broken down the website building into a few stages, starting with writing your website content outline.


Quick Summary if you're in a rush.

  1. DIY Your Website > A break down of my tactic to help you create a thorough and effective website with the most ease. Just an FYI that this is Step #1 of 3 so you're in the right spot to start!

  2. The How To > A list of questions so we can just jump right in!

  3. A Couple Sidenotes > A few further explanations and things to think about.

  4. KRD/Brand Spin: Repeat! And remember your Call to Action (CTA!)


DIY Your Website Stage Overview

To avoid DIYer overwhelm, I broke down website building into three stages. Real quick, here's what to expect moving forward.

  1. Write Out Your Website >> THIS ARTICLE. YAY.

  2. Organize & Create Your Website Content – Get that Yes!

  3. Implementation – Pulling it All Together and Going Live.


The How To

A really easy way to think about how to prioritize information on your website is to provide your message similar to the way a person might survey a package they pulled off a shelf at the store. The front panel grabs their attention, and then if they’re interested, they’ll review the other three panels for more information. You want to give them as much information as they need to come to a buying decision, without being overwhelming. This is where prioritizing and flow is so important.

Answer These Questions

Front Panel:

  1. Worst Case Scenario: A viewer lands on your site, looks around for a few seconds, then leaves. What 3 key messages do you want to make sure they left knowing?

  2. Ideal Scenario: Someone lands on your site, loves it! Loves you, loves your services, is ready to buy. What action step do you want them to take next?

  3. What are you selling? Limit yourself to 3-5 words.

Back Panel:

  1. Who are you selling it to? List 3-5 pain point/descriptors for ICA (Ideal Client Avatar)

  2. What are you selling?

  3. Why does someone want this? List 3-5 benefits

  4. When can they expect to see results, their ROI, timeline if applicable, etc.?

  5. Where does this offering come from?* (Aka. About you/the biz/company history)

  6. How much does it cost?**

Side Panels:

  1. What does this service process look like from start to end?

  2. Is there anything required of them in the process?

  3. What do they need to do to get started? (Call to Action or CTA)

  4. Any points of concern that should be addressed in advance?

  5. Do you have evidence or validation? (Testimonials, proof, etc.)

  6. Is there anything else you'd like them to do? (A secondary CTA. Ex: Join the blog, follow me on social media, check out my e-book, etc.)

>> After you've answered these questions, move on to the next step, Organize & Create your Website Content!


*Sidenote re: Where does this offering come from?

Times have changed. People care about where a product comes from, the mission behind a business, what drove the company to be created, etc. Sharing this with your audience helps them know you share the same values, personality, and that you're part of the same tribe. Things they want to know...

For Info/Service Providers:

  • About you

  • What are your key points of expertise

  • How did you learn what you know/offer now

  • Why are you offering it like this

For Products:

  • What it does, how it was made

  • What inspired the creation of this service/product

  • How did you make it

  • Why are you passionate about putting this product out in the world?


**Sidenote re: How much does it cost?

First off, while answering this, remember that you are trading value for value. Monetary value for service/product/informational value. Do not undershoot yourself. For more help, I'll be posting an article on Pricing & Packaging soon! So subscribe to keep an eye out.

Second, listing rates is a debatable topic. Some people prefer not to show prices and instead lead clients to inquire for a quote, that they can then customize to better fit the clients’ needs. You’ll have to decide which is best for you personally, but here are some pros/cons for each that come to mind:

Listing Your Rates

  • Pro: Acts as an immediate ICA filter. If they aren’t within the budget you’ve set for these offerings, they’ll remove themselves from the room, and you can avoid feeling pressure to haggle, lower rates, etc.

  • Cons: May turn off potential clients, inflexible, doesn’t leave room for adjusting packages to suit specific client

Not Listing Your Rates

  • Pro: Can keep client engaged in sales process if they’re more sensitive to discussing rates, keeps sense of control in your hands so you can still steer the ship as needed

  • Cons: Opens the door for any



A few quick tips!

  1. Repeat Repeat Repeat – When it comes to the "Who you are, what you do, and why it's important?" message, make sure you repeat this as often as you can. To avoid sounding repetitive or obnoxious, try different phrasing or angles.

  2. Remember Your CTA – Don't forget that the goal is always to drive them to take an action step. What that action step is, if there are a few action step options, etc., is up to you. But having multiple avenues for CTA (Call to Action) can help drive the potential client where you want them to go.



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About the Author

Hi I'm Kat! I've been a graphic designer for over ten years, five of which I've specialized in Brand Identity Design. I AM ON A MISSION to help business owners deliver their gifts, services, or products to the audience that needs them through cohesive, effective Branding that helps them stand out in the market place.

I live in sunny San Diego, California with my daughter and two pups. We enjoy traveling, camping, hanging out at the beach, eating all the foods, reading, writing stories, doing puzzles, and watching history documentaries! To learn more about me, my branding process, or my design background, check out my site,

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