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Day #05: Make ‘Em Shout YES!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Crafting a Customer Experience Worth Sharing

What is it that makes people want to share with their friends, family, everyone they know? What makes something go viral? While the secret behind viral vids is elusive, the psychology behind why people share typically boils down to a few social needs we have as humans.


Quick Summary if you're in a rush.

  1. Customer Experience + Warming Them Up > What it means, why you want it

  2. Psychology of Sharing > Hint: It has to do with FEEEELINGS again.

  3. The How-To > Answer some Qs + Here’s the Why

  4. Goal > Don’t base your Customer Experience on going viral, base it on building a relationship.

  5. KRD/Brand Spin: Why you should make it “pretty” everywhere you can + a brief overview on creating the “YES!” Flow


Customer Experience

Definition according to Wikipedia: In commerce, customer experience (CX) is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship.

Warming Them Up + Why You Want To

Selling is actually about building relationships. Like / Know / Trust factor. Marketing is about making yourself visible to the audience you want, letting them get to know you, getting on their good side, and closing the gap between consumer and sale. To bring them closer to buy!

^ THIS is what we want your customers to be saying (... just after going through your whole Customer Experience and absolutely loving it. 😅)


The Psychology of Sharing

Surprise, surprise. Once again, the psychology behind this portion of branding comes down to FEEEEELINGS. What a person is feeling, how they resonate with something, what “tribe” they identify with, all contributes to their likelihood of sharing.

They’re EXCITED!

They’re enthusiastic about how well something met their needs and they want to share (or brag!) the good news with others.

Looking for Connection

There’s a human desire to share experiences with another. In the marketplace this looks like, “Oooh hey! If you buy/join/hire/etc. this (Blank/Insert Product or Service) then we can go through this experience together, thus strengthening our “tribe” bond as well as enriching the experience for us both.


If you love it too, then I feel more validated in myself and my opinions, and (again) in our bond.


Sometimes we share things with friends because we want them to join our latest goal. Think about the last time you shared a new diet, gym or workout, or new big goal challenge. We often share with friends because we know it'll help keep us more accountable to sticking to our plans.


The How-To

Okay, so you know how important it is to make your audience FEEL something, now here's how you're going to do it:

  1. What does your current Customer Experience look like? Walkthrough the whole process from beginning to end. (IE. Prior to meeting with you, social posts they see, how they find out about you or your product, all the way through the discovery stage, investing stage, after investment, etc., and so on.)

  2. What are your current touch points? (Think marketing rule of 7)

  3. At each of these stages or touch points, what are they feeling?

  4. Basically >> Feelings again.

What Does Your Customer Experience Look Like?

From beginning to end, your customer experience should reflect your brand ethos, style, and goal. The whole process from before, during, and after should elicit the exact FEELING in your potential customer that you are striving for.

Example: Apple Store

  • Feeling Goal: modern, high-tech, innovative, supportive

  • Before: clean, sleek, innovative ads and social media feeds

  • During: easy check-in, friendly staff, consistent interior design, simple process to purchase point

  • After: continued support, check-ins, customer service available, genius bar, etc.

What Are Your Current Touch Points?

The marketing rule of 7 states, "that it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place." So think about what your touch points are: ads, social media presence, direct message, billboard, phone call, etc. Each of these potential audience interactions should elicit the exact FEELING you are striving for your customer to reach.

Example: All-Birds

  • Feeling Goal: light, airy, eco-friendly, natural, comfort, ease

  • Touch Points: social media posts, website, newsletters, advertisements, in-store

Drawing a Conclusion: Make sure EVERYTHING you create elicits a cohesive FEELING!!!


The Goal

Don’t base your Customer Experience on going viral, base it on building a relationship.

Yes, it's fun and cool to go viral, but it's also pretty difficult, and the things that go viral aren't always a great representation of your brand.

Instead of focusing of what will grab the attention of the world, focus on what will make your prospective customer FEEL what your brand should make them feel. Create content that speaks directly to them.


KRD SPIN: Make it "pretty" where you can

People just love a well designed, visually aesthetic experience. It's the truth! It's why the phrase "instagrammable" is even a thing these days.

EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, down to the TINY details should reflect your brand. Email signatures, the icon at the top of your website URL, the shape of the cursor on your website, the music and aroma in your store, your physical packaging, your checkout page... EVERY SINGLE detail should have a "look," and that look should truly represent YOU.



The Marketing Rule of Seven, and why it's still relevant in B2B by Jonathon Hedger

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