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DIY a Brand in 30 Days

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

One Month. Clarity. Design. Direction.

Woo! Kicking off the 30 Day Brand! I’ve never put out info like this before, so this first run will be like a fun, messy, makeshift, but git’r’dun and get it out, kind of challenge.

What is it?

Basically the work I do for clients during my Brand Identity Process, broken down into smaller, daily tasks and prompts.

What is it not?

Unfortunately there won't be any in-depth instruction on any specific topic, aside from Branding itself as a whole, since that would take ages! Many of the topics we'll be discussing will be like a glance over, with prompts for you to DIY it and get started. If you're looking to learn more about, say for example, the mechanics of social media marketing, how to use Adobe Illustrator, how to design a logo, then you'd have to find alternative instruction at your leisure. This is specifically for building the bones of a Brand.

What should I expect?

  • Blog posts with homework prompts and worksheets to help guide you

  • 3 categories of topics: Internal Work, Design, and Implementation

  • Interaction: Again, this is new for me, and not intended to be a stuffy signature program where the host is inaccessible and unresponsive. If you've got a question or feedback, let me know!

Who is this for?

Anyone with the intention of marketing themselves, their product, or their service in a way that delivers a clear message of what they have to offer and why they're valuable

  • Examples: Coaches, Contractors, Product Owners, Speakers, Influencers, Service Agencies, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Authors, Start Ups, Realtors, Store Owners, Restaurant Owners, Coffee Shops, Bars, Breweries, Web Developers, Musicians, Spoken Word Poets, Actors, people in Events or Sales, Blog writers, Illustrators & Artists, Crafters & Handmade Product Owners, Groups, Organizations, Clubs, Sports Teams, College Grads, Experts in any given field or industry, Anyone looking to improve their professional persona, Anyone with an idea they've always wanted to launch, but never knew how.

Do you want a more recognizable product or service? Do you have an idea you've been sitting on for a long time? Do you want to share helpful info you know with the world?


Okay, so down to the nitty-gritty. I'm just a graphic designer, what the heck do I know? Here's the break down of what we'll be going over...


DAYS 1-10: Internal Work

Laying down the foundation.

Over the years I've realized that every single online business marketing signature program, class, or series has started with essentially the same work I've done over and over for clients during the first stage of my Brand Identity Process.

This looks like...

  1. Defining Your Business

  2. Back Story

  3. Target Audience

  4. Goal Setting

  5. Customer Experience

  6. Feelings

  7. Competitors

  8. Key Points

  9. Mission, Values, & Elevator Pitch

  10. Marketing Funnels & Sales Walk Through Overview

*Don't Skip! If you're a seasoned business and have done the above activities to death, I get it, it's tempting to skip this stage. But we'll be pulling A LOT from the work we do during this stage when deciding on your brand look, brand story, where to implement, etc. So


DAYS 11-20: Visual Design

Do-it-Yourself tips to create your own Brand Identity Design.

Different designers for different needs and budgets, I totally understand. So whether you're doing it yourself or hiring a designer, you can use this framework to build your brand.

We'll cover things like...

  1. Mood & Style

  2. Logos

  3. Fonts & Text Treatments

  4. Color

  5. Photos & Imagery

  6. Prioritizing

  7. Visual Logic

  8. Layout Design

  9. Brand Voice

  10. Story Telling


DAYS 20-30: Implement & Magic

I've got my business, I've got my brand now. Now what?

While I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on every single one of these, I can give a brief overview of what I know, what has worked for past clients, some things to keep in mind, and a few tips on how to design effectively for each of these.

We'll go over...

  1. How & Where to Implement

  2. Social Media Marketing

  3. Website Design

  4. Sales & Promotional Print Material

  5. Pricing & Packaging

  6. Creating Content

  7. Being Consistent

  8. Partnerships

  9. Personifying Your Brand

  10. Signs You Need to Level Up Again



Virtual high fives and rounds of drinks with virtual toasts! (All done while in each of our own homes of course.) Woohoo!


Want to try it?

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