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About the Blog. About the Author.

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Rebrand Your World DIY Guide on Graphic Design and Branding for Small Business Owners

About This Blog

This blog is NEW! Like super new! So fresh and so clean clean new. (Probably pretty obvious since there are maybe two posts.)


BUT, this is the break down of what I intend this blog to be, the topics I want to cover, and why.

  1. Visual Communication & Graphic Design Tips

  2. Internal/Foundation Business Topics

  3. Self Development & Self Fulfillment

Why This Blog Was Made

I am on a mission to help business owners deliver their gifts to the audience that needs them through effective Branding strategies. 

Most of this effort has been through direct design services and working through my Brand Identity Process with clients. However because of the long term, in-depth investment Branding requires, I've mostly worked with seasoned, larger companies or product based businesses.

Why Rebrand Your World?

Ten years ago, my life looked pretty different. (A story I'll save for another time.) With A LOT of effort and over time, I learned to better myself, become a better mother, do better in business, and learn to love myself and my life. One day I looked back and realized that the approach I took to change my life looks a lot like the steps I walk clients through in my Brand Identity Process. The parallels between the two are what I hope to talk more about in this blog.

Tension Breeds Clarity

The impact the current pandemic has made on struggling small businesses has made me wonder, "What could I contribute to help?" The best and only thing I've got is sharing what I know about design, for free, to small business owners who need a leg up to be able to survive these times.

Who This Blog is For: 

Anyone with the intention of marketing themselves, their product, or their service in a way that delivers a clear message of what they have to offer and why they're valuable. Examples!

  • Coaches

  • Contractors

  • Product Owners

  • Speakers

  • Influencers

  • Service Agencies

  • Physical Therapists

  • Massage Therapists

  • Authors

  • Start Ups

  • Realtors

  • Illustrators & Artists

  • Store Owners

  • Restaurant Owners

  • Coffee Shops

  • Bars or Breweries

  • Web Developers

  • Social Media Marketers

  • Content Writers & Creators

  • Musicians or Music Teachers

  • Spoken Word Poets

  • Actors

  • People in Events or Sales

  • Crafters & Handmade Product Owners

  • Groups, Organizations, or Clubs

  • Sports Teams

  • College Grads

  • Experts in any given field or industry

  • Anyone looking to improve their professional persona

  • Anyone with an idea they've always wanted to launch, but never knew how.

  • Etc, etc, on and on, anyone who wants to make themselves look good with a public persona


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Want to help me kick things off?

The topics this blog will cover.



Being able to design is just being able to communicate visually. Once you realize that, it makes it a lot easier to tackle DIYing your own brand. While these posts won't teach you how to be a designer, it will cover things like logos, fonts, colors, visual logic, creating flow, etc.



Design is marketing strategy made visual, and this category covers those topics, including how to choose your target audience, how to market to them, how to structure your prices and packages, how to create content, define key points, etc.



Motivational stories, personal experiences, tips on self development, increasing productivity, next level growth strategies, living a fulfilling life of passion and purpose, anything and everything you need to rebrand the way you see yourself and the way you live your life.



These will be my top posts. While I might post about a wide variety of topics, any Featured posts will be pinned for being the most important, impactful pieces and any challenges or series that will help you get kick started. 

About the Author

Ready to Dive in?

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Kat Reyes of Kat Reyes Design

Kat Reyes of Kat Reyes Design Logo and Brand Identity Designer San Diego

Hello, I'm Kat!

Living in beautiful, sunny San Diego, I've been designing professionally for over 10 years, but really, I've been designing since I was a kid in middle school yearbook, so almost my whole life. I'm a proud mama to one amazing kiddo named Bella, and two pups. We love to spend our days outdoors, hiking, at the beach, camping, and lately we've been bitten by the travel bug! Most recently we spent a whole month in Ireland, our favorite home away from home. Our next travel goal is to live and roam the country in an RV!


Kat Reyes Design

San Diego, CA

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